• Swords of the Vatican



    Swords of the Vatican weaves author Severyn Ashkenazy’s personal knowledge as a survivor of the Holocaust into a well-researched masterpiece on history and why people still believe falsehoods today that lead to so much destruction.


    This is an important hook to read with eye-opening facts if you want to know more about why people can fall victim to age-old lies that motivate so many to act out against innocent people -- not realizing they are falling for lies based on their ignorance.

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    Ashkenazy, who has been helping to rebuild the Polish Jewry, presents his own revealing research with a critical look at religion's dark side. Man's indifference to man, battles and dictators, twisted truth, and outright falsehoods are exposed in this fascinating read.


    The author pushes our imagination to look at a vivid history where politics and power play out against the best interests of peace and harmony through the ages.


    Ashkenazy has unveiled the true nature of political power. With particular attention coward the use of and force that became a hallmark of the Roman Catholic Church, he shows how easily atrocities could be committed against innocent people.


    Swords of the Vatican debunks the biggest or oldest lies about Jews, including:

    - The Jews killed Christ.

    - They are plotting to take over the world.

    - Jews control the entertainment and media industries.

    - They are rich, miserly, greedy, and dishonest.

    - Jews will replace every one.


    Once you read this book you cannot go back to ignorance of the facts.


    “No one is born an anti-Semite. Anti-Semitism is taught,” says Ashkenazy. “Too often, indoctrination into hatred and ignorance is handed down from generation to generation. With the advent of television, 24-hour broadcasts, the internet and social media, the spread of hatred, lies and misinformation is promoted at lightning speed. We live in a time where truth has never been more at risk. Jews, once again, are the target, blamed for the ills of the world. If they are to fight millennia of malicious accusations, they must become the standard-bearers of truth.”

  • Testimonials

    "I read it twice. It is a real masterpiece?

    —EUGENE KESSLER, PhD, Professor, California State University, Long Beac



    "The short of a long history of hate. A must read?

    —LAURE MURAT, PhD, Professor, University of California, Los Angeles, Prix Goncourt 2001



    "Provocative, daring, informed, insightful, and a captivating quick march through the history of atrocities committed in the name of God."

    - BOHDAN W. OPPENHEIM, PhD, Professor, Loyola Marymount University



    "Knock, Knock! If you are there, oh God, please wake up and read what you have wrought!"

    - EDWARD BARAL, MD, PhD, Professor, Karolinska Institute



    "Most authors remind you of things you might have heard. This author will tell you of things you have never known before. This book is worth your time."

    -HOLLI LEVITSKY, PhD, Professor, Loyola Marymount University



    "Revealing research provides a shocking and deeply disturbing account of the Vatican's and the Popes' indecency preceding and during the Holocaust?”

    -RABBI DAVID BARON, Founding Rabbi of the Temple of the Arts



    "What an eye-opener! Like a surgeon, Severyn Ashkenazy unveils where hatred and prejudice can lead."

    -FLORIAN VON HEINTZE, Journalist, Berlin, Germany



    "An impressive read -a scathing critique of persecution by the Catholic Church since its beginnings embedded in a memoir of a survivor."

    -PAULA GELBER DROMI, PhD, LCSW, Adjunct Professor, California State University, Los Angeles



    "Brutally raw, agitating, terrifying, disturbing, and alarming! Definitely not for the faint of heart, Keep the Nitroglycerin and Xanax close by, and don't miss a word?”

    -LEONARD MAKOWKA, MD, PhD, former Chairman and Professor, Dept. of Surgery, Cedars Sinai Medical Center